Basic Questions And Answer On Computer Architecture Part2

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This is more basic questions on Computer Architecture …

This section mainly deals with memory part and we will few question memory like RAM, ROM , virtual memory , DDR.

So lets start one by one

1. Define Memory Access Time?

Answer : It is the time taken by the memory to supply the contents of a location, from the time, it receives “READ”, memory access depends on many factors like how it is organised , which type of controller accessing the data.

2. Define memory cycle time ?

Answer : It is defined as the minimum time delay required between the initiations of two successive memory operations like two load , two store.

3. What is RAM( Random Access memory)?

As it names suggest it can be accessed randomly , and it is independent of time, it is made of SRAM , it is costlier.In general RAM is not big , it has smaller size compare to secondary storage.

4. What is ROM?

ROM is by definition Non Volatile Preprogrammed with permanently encoded in the chip, when something has to be put all the time irrespective of power it is used

5. Explain virtual memory.

Answer : Virtual memory , as  it names suggest , it is not actual memory , computer sees a big memory which is mapped to physical memory. . The memory control circuitry translates the address specified by the program into an address that can be used to access the physical memory.

6. List the various semiconductors RAMs.

(i) Static RAM

(ii) Dynamic RAM.

7. What do you mean by static memories(SRAM)?

Answer : Memories that consist of circuits capable of retaining their state as   remanence when  power is applied are known as static memories.

8. Why do we need different memory ?

Answer : if we have single memory , read and write will too high, as everything has to accessed to a single place , so avoid delay it has been catogorised in three form



Hard-drive ( Secondary storage)

10. What is cache memory?

cache memory is a fast memory that is inserted between the larger  main memory and the processor. It holds the currently active segments of a program and their data. It is very fast in nature , faster than ram it has lesser size compare to RAM

11. Define DRAM’s.

Answer : Static RAMs are fast but their cost is high so we use dynamic RAMs , as it is made of transistors. it does  retain their state indefinitely but here the information’s are stored in  form of charge on a capacitor.

12. Define DDR SDRAM?

it doubles data rate SDRAM are the faster version of SDRAM. It transfer data on both edges of the clock.

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