What are the different Computer Architectures in Market ?

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Different Computer Architectures in Market

1 X86 Architecture(intel) Architecture :It is based on 8086 architecture initially, x86 came as a name because many successors of the architecture ends with 86. It is CISC based architecture. Many Well-known processor from intel and AMD uses this architecture like

Pentium Series

AMD Athlon

Intel Haswell and Broadwell series

2 Power Architecture (IBM):it is developed by IBM, It is RISC based architecture, IBM has developed many series on power like power 1,..power9

They have opened their architecture to the world for power pc p9, it is governed by Power.org, comprising over 40 companies and organizations.

3 ARM Architecture (ARM Holding):Acorn floated a new company Advanced RISC Machines Ltd. solely dedicated for ARM core development.Their have started licensing, many companies like qualqum/Samsung/apple/ started making arm based processor for mobiles

4 Z Main Frame Architecture(IBM) : IBM has developed this architecture.Z Main Frame Architecture has many RAS feature which is perfect choice for enterprise solutions.

5 RISC V Architecture (Open Source) : Many companies including Google developing their server based on this architecture.It is open source architecture, any one can use it.

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