What is RISC V Architecture ?

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Risc V is open architecture for microprocessor originally developed by University of California, Berkeley. Now there are 100 members who are researching on RISC V and making many more stuff for this architecture. Members comprises of  Bluespec, Inc.; Google; Microsemi; NVIDIA; NXP; University of California, Berkeley; and Western Digital, more 

Every year RISCV foundation host global events/conference to bring expansive ecosystem together, which includes RISCV projects implementation as well as evolution of ISA( Instruction set architecture ) forward. There are proceeding  happened so far and will happens in coming days , you can see those  proceeding here .Recently it took place in Chennai Madras (India).

Their ISA is very simple , very less number of instructions are present.

ISA Link

It has many open source projects , you can access here 

It have GIT hub code , access link

Any new organisation can apply for membership by following their agreement

Membership Application


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